KhudenGreetings! My name is Khuden Volkov, and I am the webminister for the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

As webminister, I am responsible for updating and maintaining the Barony’s online presence — ergo, this website! I post new content to the website, manage email accounts, and even write code, applications, and plugins for the Barony.

Do you have a question for the webminister? Would you like to suggest new content for the site or have questions about existing content? AJpTKNYDdYtSbBzodcBmWVymNJZT1NXEBJkTyIRyqbdWeFPp3bGHYR8vHJiTNNsBidW2ZVTiYb7WGlUuYaGXJNF02ZhXYIal2NxDyBlsPby2X5hlRb8HJlL0Zbr36del3c5iB5nvnc9mdcSlTM/jDIql2M008VgF0bJW7FkpEbLCVBXtvZ5SQUQyXMOSAU3zNQ/yVUSyURymxEzl6Me0fU==