Hello! My name is H. L. Anne Von Weingarten, and I am the seneschal for the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

As seneschal, I am the president and legal representative of the Barony. Whereas the Baron and Baroness are the head of the Barony for in-game affairs, the seneschal is the head of the Barony for out-of-game and legal affairs. I make sure we stay in compliance with legal requirements, reserve sites for events, sign contracts where necessary, and ensure the overall health of the Barony. In addition, I arrange and conduct our monthly business meetings.

Do you have a legal matter to discuss? Or do you have questions about how the Barony is run? CJnTrNtD/YmSIB4occym5VSmrJgTNNgEuJoT7IZysbbWkFKpMbaHzRbvUJzTpNbBTc72eV1uHZ5XHNcjJa2GBFEsQJwTNQPwSbWGU9uumZXW5xx5ddSGM9k3UZFX6ITuIbq3hJTnfJpTUIGy/JWT8NtFSRwWO1ZhSaWWuwtgZb5WBUel7MrjkEDlOM60SM/lCM1kUZZh5JiTQNVF