IsibelHello! My name is Isibél Inghean Dáire, and I am the Barony of the Lonely Tower’s chronicler.

As chronicler, I publish the Barony’s monthly newsletter, The Banner. I am responsible for collecting content for the newsletter from the Barony’s members, and I make sure that everyone who wants a copy of The Banner gets one — whether it be by email or snail mail.

Do you have a question for the chronicler? Do you have an article or an item that you’d like to appear in the next issue? Do you want to subscribe to The Banner? lJYTRNBDBYPSpBjo+cqmbVsmuJTTpNYEQJuTaI9yfbtWlF2p4bOHCRYv3JETQNLBEYq23heyqbp2V5npCYs27x5locqiIU/0lMhGrxsvpbdmpVasPeoXFR2vKdq25VhylLYm297yVZbyEUaytMWi5UbzcRtU2VStoY5WKlEsSI1Gc1mlCJuTjI9x8J1TSNEDlJjTkJBGqYJSKUJzQR/Q