GiuliaHello! I am Baroness Giulia, and I want to welcome you to the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

As Baroness, my job is to lead and supervise the activities of the Barony. I am a servant of the King and Queen of Calontir, and I represent them in Baronial matters when Their Majesties are not present.

In addition to my responsibilities, I also have the authority to bestow awards on our members for service rendered to the Barony.

Do you know someone who should be recognized for their service? Do you have a matter that you’d like to discuss with the Baroness? Or are you new and simply have questions? 1JFTvNXD5Y2S0BmoKcembVOmRJaTlN6EIJ7TaIsyqb5WzFGpwb2HcR7vBJWT7NMB7YHmkFyyNbD2+5Eldcw3cMTl+NDDPBDsNbk275clgboHUlz0Ub13DdSl6cXiL5svDc7m2cGlRMkjfI1luMO0FVXFZbFWkFVptbTC7B3tOZbSgUQynMtSOUVz0Q5yrUfy3RRmdEXlzMT0cU==