The Rose Window

“Quarterly sable and gules, an escarbuncle argent within a bordure argent, masoned sable.”

The beauty and craftsmanship required in the making of a rose window gives us the definition for this award. The Rose Window is given for promise in the pursuit of the arts and sciences.

Do you know of someone who displays prowess in the arts and sciences? Write a recommendation and tJXTZNNDPYSSGBnoOcxmPVtm8JzTgNWEeJLT6I2yibXWIF9plb8HIRjv0JcTTNsBNYcmLFqy6bb2s41lcNDDiBzsAbZ2Z5QlEbJHLlf0nbN3Kd6lIc0ir5Xvjc7m0cJlIM4jjIalqMs02VszxZDWp5fkfIWGtlL0kIrHARLvsImHkRVoGZGSMBpC2Y8XrJ1vgb1iDBXhLbamtQugdQ3mYFOy3bc2/59lWcD3aM1lFMC0XMNlcMzkDZHhsJHTAN4F!