The Goose Migrant

“Quarterly sable and gules, a goose volant argent within a bordure argent masoned sable.”

The Goose Migrant is the Barony’s award for those who travel distant lands, inside or outside of Calontir, and represent the Barony at the events of other groups.

Do you know of someone who regularly makes their presence known at foreign events? Write a recommendation and zJCTENQDTYRS3BGo7cLmvVqm5JaTINnEQJsTMIAywb/WvFhpxbsH9Rav5JKTLN5BiYemXFPyWbn2b4wl7N4DVBaswbb2p5Yl9bmHBlO0ab13EdJl4cfiC5uvxc0mscrllMoj7IrlbMY0VVYzpZTWP5/kwIVGml00gIsHeRpvvI1HsRxouZySCBBCxYAXtJGvbbMisBHh2bAm+Q5ggQqmNFMyGbH2J5LlRcy3mMEllM50TMslJMpkXZBhhJoTZNRF!