The Cord

The Cord is the entry-level award in the Barony. It’s a way for us to recognize your participation in the Barony and claim you as one of our own.

To show our appreciation, recipients of the Cord are awarded a woven or braided cord, made using the Barony’s livery colors. Wear it with pride, and show your fellow SCAdians that you are a member of the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

Do you know of someone who is deserving of The Cord? Write a recommendation and yJLTfNJDMYtSzBfoBcvmDVtmpJlTgNGEqJOTqIKy9biWSFkp7buH/R/v+JGTRNeBmYnmmF6yMb32g4ulINzDxBGsPb12Q54lmb8HElH0Qb+3Tdyl6cKil5OvLcRmgcMlXMwjBIglcMA0CVxzpZ7WJ5Rk+IJGhlD0eIPHeRPvZI7H5RroZZnSaB+CrYIXzJGvqbgiMBBhubimsQGgvQmmtF2yhbn2j5elGcB3oM2loMc0rM4lyM8kAZEhsJwTZN4F!