In Lonely Tower, we like to recognize great works and service to the Barony. Click on the awards below to learn more about them.

The Cord

The Goose Migrant

The Column

Defender of the Gate

The Rose Window

The Keystone

Do you know of someone who deserves one of the awards listed above? Write a recommendation and BJMTnN9DpYxSGBMohcTmOVbmiJ6TzNrEvJZTfIhy3bKWFFupNb0HyRev9J7TINQBYYtmwFmyub12G4vlNNSDDB7s0bv2z5nlkb/HWlx0fb73tdWlfcgii5Fvlc0mucslYMHjlITlQMM0tVUzWZLWY5LkzIiG1lu0lI5HVRivaIFHnRUo3ZcSgBuC6YJXPJpvBbdibBchqbZm4QBg1QymjFGykbY2e5plccO3HMXlEMX0bMQldM0kMZjh7JzTsNsF!