Twelfth Night a la Rus

The Barony of the Lonely Tower Presents

Twelfth Night A La Rus

Mount Michael Benedictine School
Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 from 9:00am-9:00pm

Site Fees

  • Adults: $10.00
  • Children ages 5-18: $5.00
  • Children 4 and under: free
  • Family cap: 2 adults, 3 children
  • Non-member surcharge: $5.00


Feast fee: $10.00


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For questions on the feast menu, please contact the feast steward, HJjT4NeDvYGS9B2oPcHm/VUmbJDTPN2EPJuTJIOy0bgWLFnpWb0HbRRvsJCTZNoB7TQGq9juQZVW5xs5YVDG79h3FZ0XkI2uZMaTFJe0OaLEE5kplZz2ghx08RomIVfh5ch3dQ/lVNbDABznBbiWWFkpPbVCd5DjYbv2j0ll+MsjmIIlMM907V/NnYMWbVDz5dAHdJ4hnIrF8NB1ge5mCFvuqbumzUUggZNGEUbgqbeGnEqgJREm/V1y7d7CvV/D9MJyuVtB2O3S5UezpQzyyULyCRDmRE5lDMj0jU==.

First Course

  • Shchi / Cabbage Soup
  • Pyroshki s Govyadinoy (Belyashi) / Pastry with Meat Filling
  • Pyroshki s Morkov’yu / Pastry with Carrot Filling

Second Course

  • Kurnik / Chicken Pie
  • Vatroushki / Cheese Pie
  • Gribi Zjariniye / Mushrooms Fried in Butter
  • Soleniye Ogurtzi / Cucumber Pickles

Third Course

  • Boujenina s Hrienom / Beer Cooked in Beer with Horseradish Sauce
  • Chornee klepbh s Tvorag / Black Bread with Farmer’s Cheese
  • Vzbityye Repa / Creamed Turnips
  • Marinovanaya Svekla / Marinated Beets

Fourth Course

  • Simiki / Cottage Cheese Cakes with Sour Cream and Elderberry Preserves
  • Marinovanaya Yabloki i Grushi / Fruit (Apples and Pears) Preserved in Syrup


  • Yablochnyy Sok / Apple Juice
  • Sbiten / Spiced Honey Drink
  • Voda / Water


Merchant coordinator: uJwTONBD4YgSgBwopcpmRVLmPJHT+NYEkJwTSIwyGbjW3FvpKbIHDRgvUJ0TcNFB6YF2Dh5hod6GCVmsZY1WUlfufZzSgU70/MUGWxNvJbwmSVssoehXMRxvWdc22VpyoLamO9eysZNyyUoyyMQivU6z2RNUox8h7ZMHPk4gWS/XhNQp0Y6iCVdD0MqyxVrBnOOWkwxgwaTWS52neawG4VquxIzE5Qnl8Q6zHMRlfQHTJFKpic/m5UIlkMj05MulOMzk9ZyhmJRT7NmF

Space is limited.  Please send your contact info and a brief rundown of what you will be selling by no later than November 1st.

A&S Competitions

There will be several Russian-themed competitions:

  • Russian Hats (mens or womens)
  • Accessories (belts, purses, jewelry, utensils, and things of a like nature)
  • Best Dressed Russian/Rus

A Pinterest page has been set up with instructions and inspiration should you choose to try your hand at Russian garb.  If you have a Pinterest account, or don’t mind signing up for one, check it out!


A number of how-tos have been provided to help you in creating Rus-themed garb.


Time Classroom 1 Classroom 2 Classroom 3
10:00 AM Sign Language – Lady Nesscia – 1 hour Patterning for Female Russian Garments – Mistress Vassila – bring tape measure, sketchbook, and pencil – 2 hours Something amazing – Lord Khalil
11:00 AM Beginning Embroidery – Lady Kathleen – 1 hour – limit 10 Gardening before the 1300’s – Lady Aemiliana – 1 hour
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM Hand sewing techniques – HL Clare – 1 hour – limit 8 A Survey of Russian Pottery – Mistress Vasilla – 1 hour Basic Herbalism – Lady Aemiliana – 1 hour
2:00 PM Intro to Persona Development – HL Nikolai – 1 hour Period Letter Writing – Lord Miklos – 1 hour

Other Activities

  • Thomas de Chatenoir Combat Social Club
  • Novice Tournament
  • Cut & Thrust Tournament
  • Calontir Steel Bear-pit Tourney
  • Herald’s Consultation Table
  • Silent Auction
  • Children’s Activities

Site Info

This is a dry site.  No smoking, no pets, no open flames, and no running in the halls.

Location: Mount Michael Benedictine School, 22050 Mount Michael Road, Elkhorn, NE  68022

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