The following excerpt comes from the December 1993 edition of The Banner:


Ly. Tamarra Neizvyestnyja of Archangel, OGS, OT, OLM

The following historical bits come from The Lame Owl, January, A.S. XIV.  This was, as far as I know, the group’s first regular newsletter.  Lonely Tower’s first chronicler was Hobbs Drake.

Alaric a’Burke of Dragonwood takes over as Seneschal (Lonely Tower’s third, I believe, and Hobbs Drake becomes the first Chronicler of the Lonely Tower.  Also new in office is Amanda of the Heah Hylls, who becomes Chatelaine, and Joyesse de Wolfe, who becomes Mistress of Arts.

The Exchequeress, Lady Morgana Khamsin, reports that Lonely Tower has a grand total of $314.97 in the group treasury.

The Knight’s Marshall, David of Cath Mawr, reports that Amanda of the Heah Hylls authorized on December 1 in Couer d’Ennui, “…making Loney Tower the only shire in Calontir with two authorized lady fighters, and also giving us sixteen fighters, which ties Three Rivers for the largest group of fighters in Calontir.”

The Herald, Jagan the Wolf, reports that devices are “in the mill” for Alaric a’Burke, Hobbs Drake, Fulk Mallei, and himself.

A column entitled “Whooooo’s Whoooo!” introduces the persona story of the new Seneschal:

Alaric a’Burke of Dragonwood: An English archer, born 1310, the eldest son of Alroy Burkson, who was the acknowledged natural son of Lord Burk of Staffordshire.  Alaric was the leader of a small company of bowmen at Crecy (1346) and aided in the rout of French chivalry by demonstration of prowess at archery.  For his service in this battle, Alaric was granted a small estate and appointed a Royal Forester.  Blazon: Vert, a dragon segreant or, orbed, tongues and armed gules, between three oak trees argent, fructed or the second.

Finally, Mistress of Arts, Joyesse de Wolfe, offers the following recipe:

Mulled Apple Wine

Take a fifth of apple wine (Boone’s Farn is OK, but homemade is better).  Pour this into a largish sauce pan and heat it on med-low.  Into this pot, place 2 sticks of cinnamon bark, 6 cloves, about one tablespoon of orange rind and one teaspoon of sugar or honey (honey is more authentic).  Heat ye this mixture until it is hot, but DO NOT BOIL!!  After 5-10 minutes on the fire, remove and let sit for 10 more minutes.  Remove the spices by straining (or you could have put them in a muslin bag ala tea bag).  Reheat to moderately warm and serve to astonished guests who never knew how truly clever you were.

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