From Their Majesties Calontir,

Baroness Giulia of Lonely Tower has announced that she would like to step down at Twelfth Night. At this time, We will begin taking Letters of Intent for her successors immediately. The deadline to have your letter of intent submitted (with proof of membership and photo ID) is October 31, 2017. Please send the letters to /ZtmsFtsVYq2h9kubLaW3NIy9bb39d4uzJoTfQow0Yx25FPscbE2r590ya7X9IBu6bZ3rJMn and gcU2hV3uPZpX3Nmj/aDGxF+sGJyTzQ4wxYZ2RFls9b82V5G0saWX6IUusb532Jyn.

We have requested that a populace interview/Q&A session be held on November 14, 2017 at your regular meeting. We request that the members of the barony submit question ideas to Us at KZDmrFcskYf2J90uwLtWINsy/bf36d8uqJUTVQwwJYC2QFas1bR2L5Z0vajXxIOuCbO3bJmn, by no later than November 12, 2017. The populace Q&A session will be led by Sir Aleksandr. At that time, the baronial candidates will be answer a series of questions, based on your requests.

After the populace interview session, the window for populace commentary will open. We ask that ALL written commentary be sent to 2ZbmgFzsuY22O9CuULvWcNsyWb53wddubJwTvQBwsYt2bFoskbL2n5x0daUXmIMuibf3mJHn by no later than December 9, 2017.

The Crown and Heirs will interview the candidates the weekend of Kris Kinder. The investiture will be held at Twelfth Night January 6, 2018.

Damien II, Rex
Issabell, Regina

PLEASE NOTE! November 14th Q&A session will be held at:

American Red Cross
2912 S 80th Ave
Omaha, NE 68124

Lower level, in the First National Room

Normal meeting time as always.

In Service,

HL Anne von Weingarten
Baronial Seneschal

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