From Cristina l’Ambeler, Baronial Arts & Sciences Minister:

Nesscia and I will be having sewing class focused toward our newcomers May 30th, 2015, from 10:00am-2:00pm at my house. I will teach geometric tunic construction and Nesscia will be offering sewing machine lessons. So bring your machines and a few yards of your favourite fabric and we’ll send you home with something spiff to wear! FJ6T3NxDyYnSUBzokc7mFVMmkJQTzNYEwJtTqIAynbcWoF7pxbhHiRMvMJrTFNKBuYVSb1tzdb8W7lAuQaaXSNt0zZTXKIEljN2DOB5sUb92p5nlGbSHNla0SbG3QdolNczis5ZvKcMmwc7l5MqjBI+l8ME0PVsFcb/WfF+pIb0CgBpt0ZnSmULzhQ/yyU4yHRGmgEkluMX0AU== for the address if you need it.

More information on this event is available here.

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