Saito Takauji, Seneschal of the Lonely Tower:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we will be unable to use the Postal Union for our officer’s meeting this month. If you have an alternate site for it, please iJ/TmNNDMYASoB+oVcjmMVymAJ4TLN6EXJMTgI9yzbwW/F0pzbcHpRSvhJMT9N6BycG20V2uQZ4XyNdjQauG3FyskJXTYQXwmbiGh9quOZDWdxA57dSGb983EZ5X4Ikuibi3OJgnQJHTjIqyIJ6TEN5FXYI2T9MuAdYGUFCj8dtCXBBtWZgSmU5z8QYyUU0yZRemqE/lbMI0xU== and 0JYTyNsDxYYShB1o2cKmuVXmrJHTrNmEmJnTUI5ywbjWvFepzbAHvR3vNJUTzNaBpY8m9FpyGbu2E5tlRck3+MZlvNFDvB/sXbz2I5ql2b0H2l90Abq3fdRl9cpi25vvOc6mkcYlrMsjdIzlBMC0sVs0fa9GjULg0Y/mRFzyPbz265YlZcY3sM3lXMg0HMBlLMVkYZnhUJLTENwF.

Also if you have a site that could be used for winter fighter practice, please email us–if we haven’t heard from anyone by that time we will approach the Florence community center again.

And as a reminder, bids for 2016 Fall Crown are due by Officer’s, I know several of you were thinking about it.

Meeting is 9/21.

For more information on the monthly business meeting, click here.

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