From Isibél Inghean Dáire, Chronicler of the Lonely Tower:

Greetings from your new Chronicler! I hope everyone had a great time at Twelfth Night and left with lots of wonderful memories of the day.

Did any of you happen to catch some of them on film? Because I’m desperate for pictures! I would love for you to share your photos with me and the rest of the Barony in the next issue of The Banner. I’m also looking for articles, recipes, poems, songs, stories, art… just about anything and everything, large or small, related to Twelfth Night or the SCA in general.

Please, please, please help me out. Together we can make the next issue of The Banner spectacular, not only for ourselves, but also for new people. Something we can show them and say “Hey, look at all the great stuff we did last month! Come join us and you can be part of it!”

Questions, suggestions and contributions may be sent to 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.  You can also talk to me on Facebook or in person at the next Populace Gathering.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

– Isibél

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