Roise is collecting orders for rattan. Sticks come in thin (1.25″-1.5″), medium (1.5″-1.75″), thick (1.75″-2″), or tree trunk (>2″), as measured at the rings.

If you are interested, please HJwTwNmDfYYSrBoohcgmeVhmlJeTINAEoJmTDIyyBblWCFrptbXHARcvxJbT1NmBNcQmv9+ppcS20Uel5NYDiBlj8bc3BgNucbXmQVi0BJJTGIby3JQThNRF3YD2z9gugdHGsFFjadKC6BaSpbq2zllzoZDSlUBzEQwypU0yvRCmOEHlHMp05U==.  Preliminary estimates on cost are $25 per stick (larger sticks may cost more).  Orders are due by Sunday, May 3rd, and payment will be collected at next week’s populace gathering on Tuesday, May 5th.

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