Saito Takauji, Seneschal of the Lonely Tower:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we will be unable to use the Postal Union for our officer’s meeting this month. If you have an alternate site for it, please UJSToNTDyYDSGB0ozc3m+VemtJcTHNBEQJVT1ILy9bZWuFxpgbWHZRwvDJMTtNaB4cn2fVOuvZCXsNQjCaYGKF6sKJlThQRwZb/GZ9OuVZtW2xK5VdAGO9P34ZQXoINubbM3UJpnyJjTjIpySJ3T/NSF1Yn259tuwdvGDFZj1dlCsBLtQZWSgUvzTQTylUgyoR8mtEYlHMY0aU== and zJ9T2N7DoYXSzBRoQc9mjV8m2J/TNN/EmJQTqIzyybUW6FypkbeHyRlvaJBT+N8BRY5msFYyBbK2c5olUcN3vMglpNIDSBUsubD275HlqbaHKlX0LbT3adqlVcFi555vJcxm/c6lFMzjeIblwM50WV60naFGbUVg8YQm5Fbyaba2+5blkcg3MMqlAMZ0oMYl6MikqZ2hRJJThNAF.

Also if you have a site that could be used for winter fighter practice, please email us–if we haven’t heard from anyone by that time we will approach the Florence community center again.

And as a reminder, bids for 2016 Fall Crown are due by Officer’s, I know several of you were thinking about it.

Meeting is 9/21.

For more information on the monthly business meeting, click here.

From Nesscia:

We are making more scroll cases.  Anyone have half yard or larger fabric in your stash and want to donate it toward largesse, contact JJETAN8D+YHSoBLoFcomKVimTJGTgNvEgJJTtI6yebEW+FTpzb7H1R0vrJeTfNgBCaNGsNnsxYNWLZfp5bCmBhlhibLi+Uk0EMrGtFpvJbJCH5xjebS2T0el4MJj6IAl0Mx0sVqOBZkX+N8znYZ2MlshKJ/TDNRDjJ8TRJVGAY+SCUCzPRZQ or eJVTzNVD+YlS4B0o2cXmsVSmCJfTrNmEjJjT4IayHbOW0Fnp5bjHSRGvYJmTzN6B0YsSh1Yz0bmWQl9uga1XUNx0kZeXDIclqNSDgBFsebN2A5klubnHflO09bh3RdKl2c4iX5VvXcLmacBlUMXjGIRlqMK0KVYDDcbmilCzqd8GHl4uiYtSVU4zcQ2yPUFyoRMmsE9lzMs0FU==.

Congratulations to those who received awards at Cattle Raids last weekend, and at the Archery Championship Revel this afternoon.

At Cattle Raids, Ormar was entered into the Iren Fyrd, Russell and Lelia received Torses, Nesscia received a Leather Mallet, and Ivy was given her Award of Arms.

This afternoon at the revel, Bjame won the championship, Ava, Jacob and Eden were given cords, Cristina was recognized as a Keystone, Aleit, Kitta and Khuden received Columns, Nesscia was given a Rose Window, and Uji was recognized with a Goose Migrant.

Vivat Lonely Tower!

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From Dolan Madoc, Archery Marshal of the Lonely Tower:

We have approval to utilize the range and pavilion on the 30th of August (Sunday). The address is 9000 Pawnee Rd and the location of the range and pavilion is about a quarter mile north off Pawnee, the gate will be open so you may drive your car down the dirt road instead of leaving it out on Pawnee. I imagine a potluck lunch is in order. I will be there by 12 Noon, tournament time is as yet unscheduled. This should be posted in the Banner and if I were not leaving for Pennsic in 12 hours I would get the appropriate permissions and make up an event announcement. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

For more information on the Archery Championship Revel, click here.

Please dJYTUNSDHYpScBWoCcSmkVfmqJBTcNSEVJsTGIEyPbLWWFZp/bgHwRAvgJwTmNjB9cAmm9jprcq27UvlKNPDsBxjqbG3kgGu+bfmWV304JtTAIoylJTTCNjFkbjGHVw0dI6F+JNvcaRXGNplOIsG9truZbE3YcDluM40vMcl2MekmZ9hbJ0TpN/F ASAP if you have any property belonging to the Barony in your possession so that it may be noted on the inventory list.

Interested in being the next Exchequer for Lonely Tower? EJbT+N/DuYSS4B/o8cfmOVlm0JBTJNhEiJkTQISyFbEWPFIp0bvHIRCv7JgTpNNBzZ7XLhBj4a3GkVdxddeW6VvyNJhTmQ4wQb9GJ90uBZ4Wlxa52d2Gx9y3/ZnXTIZuibj3xJrnYJmTHIyyeJ3TANPFuQf2x9quKdWGIFTjIdKCWB/N+avWINAosZ0W/xGs4Z2SIUdzTQxyGUAy7Rom2EYlUMP0yU== with questions about the position or dJkTtNnDhY0S9BvoVcvmHVVmRJDTyNEEFJcTSIwyfbiWuFRpSbfHnRvvdJlTzNjBLZBXHhOjwalG2VVx1dLWRVSyfJITIQJwub4GW9yuoZXWrxD5+d7Gn9n3KZaXwIJuRbw3sJQnRJUT+NCCych2kVdukZ7X1NHjLaxG/FTsVJtTPQIwdbXGw9puaZUWhxO5pd7Ga983LZtXUIOuybw3mJ1n2JWTyNmCOYfm1Fnysbk2h5alTci3IMJlBNVD8BzslbG205VlnbOHclu0zbu3/dTlGc+it5Qvoctmpc4ldMGjvIZl2MF0BVOzLd2W+J1tEaYX0Q2gPYaSGBqsBZzXtRf0fZvXZIMgtbA2fYQg0ayWJ5+0HZvWg5s0TILHNREv5I9EK1GptYV2QhKlBbxGExNltJaTXJWDYIwFSVEqMaRSgUPyMQ9ySBphfbumQQzgmRz3mVUpRbHGKEZl9MI0qMpl9M4kaZVhhJLTeNqF by no later than the October Business Meeting.