The following content was submitted by Kezia von Holzenhaus for inclusion in the February 2016 edition of The Banner.

This winter the archers of Lonely Tower are participating in two Knowne World shoots.  The first is the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, which began on December 1st, 2015, and continues until February 29th, 2016.  The Winter Season shoot is called the Yin/Yang Shoot, and uses a standard forty centimeter five-color target, which has been marked to divide it into a Yin portion and a Yang portion.  It is shot at 20 yards, the distance of most indoor ranges.  There are four ends (or rounds) shot.  For the first end, the archer has six arrows, and must shoot the Yin side of the target. Arrows which fall into the Yang side count as negative points.  The second end reverses this, and the archer shoots the Yang side, with the Yin side counting negative.  The last two ends repeat this, but the archer is only given thirty seconds to shoot as many arrows as they can.  It is a quick and easy shoot to run, and the target is commercially available and not hard to modify.  So far, five of Lonely Tower’s archers have shot this challenge.  Master Dolan, with his crossbow, has a top score of 69, and currently stands second overall (Daffyd of Emmet from the Outlands is first with a score of 70).  Lord Michael de Lundie has a score of 55 with crossbow, and is tenth Society wide.  Baroness Kezia has a score of 27 in the period handbow division, while Owain the Younger scored 20 and Lady Eden has a score of 16 in the open handbow division.

The other challenge Lonely Tower’s archers are participating in is the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge, run by Baron Nigel FitzMaurice of the Midrealm.  This shoot has been run for many years, and although it is frequently called the Midrealm Winter Challenge, it is open to anyone across the Knowne World.  This shoot is a bit more challenging, and complicated to run.  It consists of two ends at a wand (long narrow target) two ends at a period bull (roughly the red and yellow portion of a modern 60 cm target), two ends at a modern 40 cm target, and two 30 second speed rounds at the 40 cm.  It is also shot at 20 yards.  This challenge runs from November 1, 2015 through April 15, 2016.  So far this winter we have only shot the Gwyntarian Challenge a few times.  With crossbow, Dolan has a score of 177, and Michael has 140.  Kezia has 91 in Longbow, Owain has 86 and Eden 75 in handbow.

We will have targets for both of these shoots available at practices, so if anyone would like to come out and try their hand at either, we can accommodate you. It is nice to see lots of Calontiri on the lists.

I have a partial list of the high scores of Lonely Tower’s participants in the Gwyntarian Challenge over the years.


  • Dolan Madoc 204
  • Rolf Hobart 197
  • Michael de Lundie 182


  • Ian MacLean 139
  • Dolan Madoc 138
  • Rolf Hobart 114
  • Michael de Lundie 110
  • Kezia von Holzenhaus 106

Recurve (no sights)

  • Friederich von Blumenkamp 142
  • Rolf Hobart 142
  • Lora Ann Ros 135
  • Michael de Lundie 129
  • Dolan Madoc 119
  • Kezia von Holzenhaus 112
  • Milada von Felsenhoff 92 (at age 80)
  • Owain the Younger 86
  • Eden Deveroux 85
  • Tigernach Meadmaker 65
  • Cristina d’Ambuler 59
  • Cearr MacBrendan 54
  • Jantije Goudenpaard 47

Recurve (with sights)

  • Friederich von Bulmenkamp 133

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