Group Officers

Our Officers oversee the day-to-day operation of the barony. They are appointed (not elected) based on merit and service. Below are descriptions of the various officer positions in the Barony of the Lonely Tower, as well as contact information for the current office-holders.


Gabriel and Giulia

Baron and Baroness


Name: Their Excellencies Gabriel and Giulia


Their Excellencies of Lonely Tower are appointed by the King and Queen of Calontir. They serve and promote the will of the Crown here in Omaha, NE and the greater metropolitan area.  Nominally the heads of the Barony, they oversee most aspects of operations.  The Baron and Baroness hold court at many of the monthly revels through out the year.





Name: (position open)


The Seneschal is the chief administrative and legal officer of the Barony. The Seneschal deals with much of the day to day running of the Barony and acts as the legal representative of the group.


Isibél inghen Dáire

Chatelaine and Demo Coordinator


Name: Lady Isibél inghen Dáire


Are you new to the SCA? Maybe you're just new to our group? If so, the Chatelaine is the person for you. The chatelaine is responsible for what we call "newcomers", and helps guide them through their first few events.


Aethelwine Aethelredson

Knights Marshal


Name: Aethelwine Aethelredson


The Knights Marshal is traditionally in charge of the fighters on the field, coordinating fighter practice sites, and making sure everyone is safe! He or she must have good knowledge about SCA requirements for fighting, and is often put in charge of small Baronial tourneys.


Dolan Madoc

Archery Marshal


Name: Dolan Madoc


The Archery Marshal watches over archery practices, makes sure everyone is playing safe and fair.  He also coordinates locations for archery practice, which isn't always easy.


Cesare di Lodovico Malefici



Name: Cesare di Lodovico Malefici


The Herald fulfills the traditional office of recording and recommending heraldic devices to names and badges be used by members. The herald also conducts court for the Baronage and functions as announcer at various events.


Aleit de la Thomme



Name: Aleit de la Thomme


The Chronicler is the person in charge of putting together and publishing the Barony's monthly newsletter.  They collect the articles, piece together the calendar, and make sure that everyone in the Barony has a newsletter.


Cristina l'Ambeler

Minister of Arts and Sciences


Name: Cristina l'Ambeler


The Minister of Arts and Sciences is primarily in charge of coordinating art & science projects and demonstrations. He or she arranges and organizes the monthly meetings for people to get together and work on projects.


Michelle de la Ferte



Name: Michelle de la Ferte


The Exchequer is the person in charge of finances for the Barony. He or she controls the funds, and the bank account for our group, and makes sure everything is under control financially. After events, he or she calculates how much money we made (or lost), and also helps to coordinate funds for Baronial projects.


Khuden Volkov

Web Minister


Name: Khuden Volkov


The Web Minister is the person in charge of putting together and publishing the Barony's website.