Fighter practice

***Special Announcement from the Knights Marshal***

Unto the fighting populace of Lonely Tower, greetings.

Our official list of fighters went from 60 to 29.  We are on our way to fewer, but the inactivity period must be satisfied for some of them.

Please check your record.  If you think you should be there and are not, you will need to contact the marshalette to determine what is needed to be added.

Lilies is right around the corner.  You must be on the list, and have your card with you, to fight at Lilies.  Please do not be that one person.

The list can be found at

 - Aethelwine


SCA Combat is armored, full-contact hand weapons combat using weapons which simulate, within the dictates of safety, hand-held weapons of the period between 400 AD & 1600 AD. While it is certainly a martial art, it isn't a formal one; nevertheless, we've been at it for over fourty years now and we're getting pretty good at it.

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