Newcomer’s Village and Dansul Mortii

Come join the Barony of the Lonely Tower for a day full of exciting teaching and learning, and a night full of dancing! The Newcomer's Village is a chance to teach new skills to newcomers, or new skills to veterans who want to learn them. The Dansul Mortii is a Romanian themed Halloween ball (Dansul Mortii is the Romanian equivalent of Danse Macabre). Come dressed to spook and practice your dance moves for Crystal Ball the next week!

Bring extras of your Art or Science to display and teach informal classes during the day. Each kind of activity (Fiber, Metal, Scribal, Bardic, etc.) is invited to set up at a single table to show the skills and goods of their trade.

Formal classes will be held in Dancing, and basic tunic construction (taught by Baroness Zoe of Vatavia)--bring four to five yards of fabric, and leave knowing how to make some good basic garb.

There will be a hearty tavern, and a pot luck dessert revel in the evening. There is no feast, but time will be given to eat off site.

When: Saturday, November 1 at 11:00am

Site fee: $5 (includes Dessert Revel, bring your favorite desert)

Where: Springfield Community Building, 104 Main St, Springfield, NE