***Notice for Baronial Gatherings on April 15th, 2014 and April 29th, 2014***
 We will be meeting at Concordia Junior/Senior High School at the corner of 156th and Fort St (15656 Fort St).  We will be in the practice gym (it is the smaller of the two).  The floor is padded so no need to worry about the floor.  Due to their time limits, we will only have the gym from 6pm-8pm on both of these nights.

Welcome to the web space of the Barony of the Lonely Tower. We are a part of the SCA based in Omaha, Nebraska. Our barony is situated in the Kingdom of Calontir, a division of the SCA that covers Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Fayetteville county Arkansas


The SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism, is a world-wide organization active since 1966. As members of the SCA we delve into the philosophy, crafts and realities of the time before 1600 AD bringing our discoveries to light by recreating them. Our mission is educational; we re-create the middle ages in as many aspects as we can, and we pass along what we have learned. We don't just research the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages, we practice them; fiber arts, leatherworking, metalsmithing, calligraphy, illumination, cooking, dancing, music, chivalry and of course, martial combat - are all actively pursued and taught within the Barony.