From Saito Takauji, Baronial Seneschal:

At this time we do not have a marshal for the Cut and Thrust tournament tomorrow, due to sickness and other issues. Unless we can arrange one, we will not be having the tournament tomorrow. We will STILL have revel tomorrow, the tournament will be rescheduled for another time.

If you have questions regarding Revel or the Cut and Thrust tournament, fJiTRNtDcYbS/BpoRcomAV5mZJETzNvEUJ2T8Ioy6boWhFqpvbUHiRMvlJNTZN2BLc023VEuiZYXYNfjBaiG7FlsYJaTzQSwhbrGG9XuBZYWrxM54dmGY9o3bZwXzIxuubh3HJ+nCJZTzI6y4J1T2NAFeYL2F9guTdeGjFMjadiCKB007auGTUCgIcV2mV8upZ0XWN8jaa3GHFvs4JKTlN2DdJFTuJQGbYJSgUnz6RYQ.

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