All updates regarding Coronation 2015 can be found here.

From Lady Anne von Weingarten, Kingdom Chronicler and Coronation Event Steward:

For coronation I am still in need of….

  • Merchant Coordinator
  • Servers
  • Clean up help

If anyone needs a space for meetings or anything else I have to have that info no later than June 1st.

If you are able to assist in any of these areas, 8J/TzNgDdYkSGBlo7chmgVom0JhTZN0EdJZTcIty3bLWZF6ptb9HjRmvSJJTJNnBZYJWR5Bu3LNnEdgp+bCmadwl3cFnmQmlANRDkBynZb/WgFrpMbgC55sjLbu2t0hl1MUjdISlzMj0RVgl0beWuFbpybCC/BwMgYEWfRV5uIhEQFPucblmmUzghdCmv9uujI7FSdrloagWX5fnNY2XvJk0EZGWV4slkM00UMwlHMTk6ZghzJ0TWNOF.  For more information on Coronation, see the Coronation event page.

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