From Saito Takauji, Baronial Seneschal:

Attention Lonely Tower. As of this time we do not have a site for Twelfth Night 2016, which will be held 1/2/2016. We have a hard deadline we’ve set to have a site and a bid: July Officer Meeting. If we do not have a site and event bid by the July 2015 meeting, we will not be having a Twelfth Night next year.

I don’t want that. None of us want that. So if you know of a site, call them—and VJ7TRN1DSYUSjBWoFcGmdVmmGJnTyNNEHJETYIPyJbsWXFspNbgHURYvvJxT/N8BAYQm6FgydbO2Q5ll3cO3OMBleN3DvBCsbbL2R5Kl7b9HIla0BbK3qdGl3ctit57vscUmGcAluML0BJoz2ZLW55SlScF2HNBoHYiWFw/lQNmDRBFsDbO2A5AlVbTHxlY0QbA3Ld+l9coiZ5Tvfclm9cVlvM6jHIylsMG0fVls1ZLXMQmgfSNGfVgy4IVEGVc4PYg24VKsTbFGYV+usY63ukWgGYaWC5gkmItEGkEg/aM255Cv7dLy1UozzQhyUU+yiR6mqEilEMU0oU==. We have people who can run it if we have a place. We are looking in the $1000 range for the cost of the site, but can go up a little more—and a security deposit over that is also ok, since we will get that back.

Let’s put our heads together and make this happen.

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