Largesse Day

What: Largesse Day

Where: Cristina l’Ambeler’s house; VJcTSNMDcYrSbBroocam2VymuJZTYNqEyJaTfI/ybb2WCFTp/b8HQR1vAJST3N+BZYySH1RzSbTWel/uHaeXIN80JZdXqIdl9N+DNBcsOb82v58lhbOHMli0SbU34dpl7cIia5jvycgmzcSlrMBjcI3l5Mk04VflTb+WLFmpXbNC5B+mobo3ZIgglbzWM9HyWZ5SNB9p3bhmjZKv/ccmY1+hrdTGllQvSbki9UgztQ9yRUcydRNm7ErlMMh03U==

When: Sunday, July 19th, 2015, 10:00am-2:00pm

Who: Everyone

Our primary project will be scroll cases. However, with Pennsic fast approaching, perhaps some Calontir falcon tabards are in order as well? These aren’t just for fighters, they identify to any and all what kingdom we represent.

Please bring a piece of cardboard that is at least 8″ by 11″, bits of yellow/gold cotton fabric, and purple sewing and/or embroidery thread. One yard of fabric makes three scroll cases or one tabard.

Bring your own projects or bits to help with others!