The Barony of the Lonely Tower Presents
Summer Coronation
Saturday, July 11th, 2015, from 9:00am-9:00pm

Location: First United Methodist Church, 7020 Cass St, Omaha, NE  68132 (see below for map)

Event Steward: KJeTXNyD+YmSgBIodcym/VMm8JtT6NnEgJzTBIgy5bAWLFdpcbJH5RmvwJDTUNLB+YU29hVywbg2X5KpLYN2HxDlQcgivUJ09MjGsNPhkbSG09Ousd5GUlHyfLEmn99ydZFyXUSyGM6i+UTzYRQUTxKhrZdH0k6gFQlW+5IuOZZSqBr2Kbl2R4zgxVi2GV3pBbKmhdqhCcVnTRHl9bdiTUXz8Q7yvU4ytRymBEWluM90zU==

Site fees:

  • Adults: $10
  • Children (5-17): $5
  • Childen (under 5): Free
  • Non-member surcharge: $5


Feast steward: Her Excellency Gwen A’Brook

Seating is limited to 80 people.  Reservations are $10.

To reserve a seat ahead of time, mail your payment to:

SCA, Inc. — BLT
PO Box 8172
Omaha, NE 68108

Feast Menu (subject to change based on ingredient availability and market prices):

  • Green salad with pomegranate and egg
  • Crayfish fried in butter
  • Fresh bread
  • Homemade herbed cheese
  • Fresh sausages
  • Chicken pie
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Roasted meat with homemade mustard
  • Cabbage
  • Fried onions
  • An assortment of sweets to cleanse the palate and close the stomach


Come join us as we hold our version of a Roman circus, complete with wild tigers imported from the best menageries the Kingdom has to offer.

With the permission of His Royal highness, we will be holding a bear pit tournament with a couple of twists.

First, this pit will be for teams to increase the death for the pleasure of our populace.  Teams will be restricted to a maximum of 8 points spent on members.  Each member of the chivalry will cost 4 points, members of grant level fighting orders will cost 3 points, members of AoA level fighting orders will cost 2 points, and anyone who does not have a fighting award will cost 1 point.  If you are not sure how many points you cost, aJpTPNWDeY2SqBIo3cLmLVmmbJDTfNdEdJ2TFIDy1bsWPFnpobpHQRIvCJ6TWNmBQZmG/FMsRbYGCFuzTLBmiJlhScsmCRGvQdaC3Ui08McGadHt+YGWslpsILpmANGvIblSvUWyEMci/UIzVRLW0N/vjbznrRZhuYb3HQpgIdGGJh3llIxES1SJTQCycUZzsQzyaU5ywRymJEYlEMM0VU== for a ruling.

Some possible team combinations, just to help clarify:

  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Knight and 4 Men at Arms
  • 2 Huscarls and 1 Fyrdman
  • 4 Fyrdmen
  • 8 Men at Arms

Secondly, we are importing tigers that will be able to enter restricted areas of the arena.  Think tiger on a chain popping out of the sand.  These tigers will be hungry and looking to maim or kill unwary gladiators.

We will have plenty of space available for shade flies, chairs, banners, and anything else you may want to set up to add to the spectacle.

A&S Opportunities:

At Coronation there will be 3 different A&S opportunities for people to try their hands at.

  • Memories of Their Reign: To honor their current Majesties Calontir, King Anton and Queen Isabeau, the competition is for a representation (in any medium) of a moment or memory of their Majesties reign.  Perhaps a painting or illumination of a moment in time from Their reign, or a poem or story about something you saw or heard or felt, or something which you crafted during the reign and how it is attached to the reign.
  • The Fires of Rome are the Fires of Invention: In honor of their Highnesses, Prince Xerxis and Princess Belanna, we shall have a competition where fire must have been part of the entry’s creation.  As an example, baking a pie uses fire in the cooking, or beadwork uses fire.  Even if you did not directly use the fire in the making (HL Konstantia is well known for her wire-worked jewelry, and while she may not have smelted the copper which made the wire, fire was involved in the smelting), so long as fire was used it is acceptable.  Please note that the “Fires of Invention” may be invisible, and thus may need you to explain how they were used.
  • The Calontir Falcon, In Honor and In Memory: The Falcon of Calontir is an image we all know and love.  As many know, recently a tragic accident stole from us those glorious birds who had personified the Calontir Falcon for quite a while, and thus it is in their memory, and to honor the ideal of the Falcon of Calontir, that this competition will be held.  Any falcon in any medium.

All of the competitions will be judged by populace vote, and is for “any medium”.  Some degree of documentation is requested if practicable, but it is not required.

Prizes shall be awarded, and we look forward to seeing what the artisans of Calontir bring forth to be entered and displayed!

If you have questions regarding the A&S opportunities, contact Miklos FJrT8NrD6YyS6BeoPc/mZVUmMJwTlNMEAJrT+IbyBbaWaFHpxbKHHRsvDJlTGNkB2bmWBlar7biGN9bzSL1mTZMhOcMme1vh5J0TxQewRZiWkFzyydVGYhLsNahWc5Or/LFmT57lMdrCTUwyVMEizUazQRgWFJq5SIyGmVStbYdWolmsPJyTpNpDxJFTnJhG/Y3S7U1zvRzQ or by calling him at 402-305-5807.


  • 9:00am: Site opens
  • 10:00am: Morning Court
    • The Wittan Meeting will immediately follow Morning Court.
    • Fighting will begin immediately after Morning Court.
    • Arts and Sciences displays will be opened for judging immediately following morning court.
  • 11:30am: Inn Opens
  • 12:00pm: Chivalry Meeting
  • 1:00pm: Laurel Meeting
  • 2:00pm: Pelican Meeting
  • 3:00pm:
    • Baronages (in Their Majesties’ Chambers)
    • Lilies Committee Meeting
  • 4:00pm: Evening Court
  • 5:00pm-ish: Feast
  • 9:00pm: Site closes

Site info:

Site is EXTREMELY DRY. Smoking in designated outside areas only please.

Please return your swords to your vehicles immediately after Morning Court.  We have been given permission for their use during morning court, but the site has asked that they not be worn after that.

We have been granted access to the area from 72nd to 70th Court, Burt to the tennis courts.  We do not have the ball field, or access to the track.

We would love pageantry for the list field.  If you have a shade fly, please share it.  We have been granted permission for them along with banners.

The site has ample parking, and it’s just a walk down the hill to enjoy the day at the field.

Site photos:

Post Revel:

Post revel will be at Augustine’s house, 10717 S 113th Ave, Papillion, NE  68046, starting at 8:30pm.  If you have questions, please contact Augustine at 402-708-7915.