Baronial Cookie Baking Day

What: Baronial Cookie Baking Day

When: Sunday, December 6, 2015, 12:00pm—5:00pm

Where: The Club at Hillcrest Mable Rose, 4609 Hilltop St, Papillion, NE 68133

Who: Anyone who wants to bake cookies!

One of the fun things about the holidays is baking tasty treats, and more fun is getting together to bake them with friends and family.

Augustin has kindly arranged for us to use the Club at Hillcrest Mable Rose on December 6, for a Baronial Cookie Baking Day. (This is the same site we used last year for the Fall revel).

Come, bring a batch or two of your favorite cookie dough (to make about 5 dozen cookies) and tools needed to make them. We will all work together to roll, press, bake, and decorate them. At the end of the day we will divide the bounty we have created and everyone who participated will take some home some of all the goodies we baked.

Please wJnTyNtDUYaSTBtoUc9meVomPJuTdNEEcJXT1IOySbIWPFCp9brH6RvvfJlTFNRBgY9mbF2y8bR2n5Nlpc13vMolENSDbBVsgb+295VlybGHul+0Fbh3GdIlwcki25rvmc9mEcwlpMajUIbl+Mw0hVjlEbZWnFSp6bEC2B0C4YfX3JHv1bsmgVjzjcbyKBZH+aqXrV7sKaGWeE6l3M00YMTlBMYk4ZzhiJeTVN7F to let her know if you are planning to come and what type of cookie you would like to share. Her contribution will be ginger bread cookies.