The Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship Revel will be held on Sunday, February 21st, at the Millard Branch Library, starting at noon.  See the event page for more information.

The theme of the championship, as decided by the current champion, Lelia Corsini, is as follows:

Above The Law

This competition is centered around sumptuary laws. Most cultures had laws about who could wear what, who could write what, or what was reserved for different stations. This competition is about breaking those laws!

Entrants are asked to create an item (in any category, including poetry or songs) that would break the sumptuary laws of some place and culture within the SCA period — whether their own persona’s or someone else’s. In addition to the entry itself, brief documentation regarding why this breaks a sumptuary law and what the punishment would be is also required.

If you have any questions regarding the championship, 8JyTWNZDxYySPBfoGcsmhV9mMJ/TkNvEeJuTtIgyjbLWnFLpRbyH/RtvKJVTxNsBibZGWVosFakWINivNckn6Ngp4bjm3klloNRD7BKnAbJWzFjpCbeCk5cjhbN2V0dlGMMjBI6l8M+0BVtjdbH2E510hYSWPNJ0AI3EKx8lgbJGIlthDIDERNiv4c4n1NQpHbZm+kilAMf0LMHlJMMkgZ/hhJFThNKF.

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