Do you have an item that you would like added to our monthly publication, The Banner?  Please EJWTMNcDVYJSxB2oDctmsVAmSJ4TdNPESJDTKI2yfbZWzF5pTbyH8R7v9JIT/NIBSYR2chkyRb42b5mpeYs2WxslkcziRU30OM4GaxYv5bHmAVBsyeAXPRIvSda2fVKysLOmC92y1ZFyZUIyuMCiiUXz5RnXANdlvb5mOQtgfd/GRhclfbdSbBV0Ib7yoBX0da7GhUogxQQ2ohIy0bM2R5Up6Yg2Wx4lvcNipUFzwQXyqUZyIRJmREwl9MQ0KU== no later than Friday, February 20th.

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