Do you have old SCA related books you don’t read anymore? What about feast gear that no longer gets used because you found something you love so much more at a pottery merchant’s stall? Did you change your persona and now have garb you don’t wear filling up your closet? An old loom? Trim? Leather pouches or purses? Shoes, tools, jewelry, belts or baskets?

Please consider donating your new or gently used items to the Twelfth Night Auction! All proceeds will go towards paying for things like winter gathering sites.

Clair and Julianne will be accepting items for the auction the day before Twelfth Night at set up, as well as the day of the event until 9am.

For more information on Twelfth Night, click here.

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Since it falls on the day before Thanksgiving, we will not be having archery practice on Wednesday, October 25th.

***Please note:*** This is only for archery practice on October 25th. We will still have archery practice as normal on Wednesday, October 18th.

From Giulia, Baroness of the Lonely Tower:

One of the fun things about the holidays is baking tasty treats, and more fun is getting together to bake them with friends and family.

Augustin has kindly arranged for us to use the Club at Hillcrest Mable Rose on December 6, for a Baronial Cookie Baking Day. (This is the same site we used last year for the Fall revel.)

Come, bring a batch or two of your favorite cookie dough (to make about 5 dozen cookies) and tools needed to make them. We will all work together to roll, press, bake, and decorate them. At the end of the day we will divide the bounty we have created and everyone who participated will take some home some of all the goodies we baked.

QJ4T3NfDPYTSlB9otcjmOVGmtJkTfN/EqJATFIzyBbyWNFepgb7HTRcvvJ/TqNDBlYymDFAyubM2n5plVcH3OMDlnNpDSBvsnbP2H51l+bSHOlG0qbX3odklvcniH5jvXcum7cMlAMTjNIWlMM901VeQebjGHVahzcO26U6g7bLGNVo0WI1Ge1cl4IWG9tcuWbP3cc9l1Ms0MMzl/M/koZghLJ5TfNyF if you are planning to come and what type of cookie you would like to share. My contribution will be ginger bread cookies.

For more information on the Baronial Cookie Baking Day, click here.

From Cearr Mac Brendan, Knights Marshal of the Lonely Tower:

Unfortunately fighter practice tonight is called off due to rain.

We will be outdoors (weather permitting) once more next week, then beginning in October we will be indoors at Paddock Rd Elementary at 3535 Paddock Rd, Omaha, NE 68124.  We will have practice/gathering on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month from 6:30 to 9:30.

For more information on the Populace Gatherings, click here.  (Click here for the winter series.)