Good Morning!

The deadline has passed and we have three great candidate sets:
Lord William and Lady Krystyn
HE Augustin and Lady Aleit
Mistress Thora

The next steps are as follows:

*the populace interview on 11/14/2017, at your regularly scheduled populace gathering.
*If you have specific questions you would like answered at the populace, they need to be received by 11/12/2017. Please send them to Us at LZqm7F0sPY62j9vu0LPWrNcyIbg3BdguNJyT4QOwTYB2XFmsgbm255v0ta5X3IAuIb83fJzn, and DZ0mpFEsZY32095uhLvW7h1lna5XCJMzmJJT7Q9wkY82QFhs5bP2k5d0HaTX6Icu8bR3LJzn
*written commentary on the candidates will be accepted at the same email addresses as listed above until 12/09/2017
The Royal interviews will be held the weekend of Kris Kinder, and Our announcement will be made in evening court.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please let us know.

Damien and Issabell, Rex and Regina
Ashir and Ashland, Crown Prince and Princess

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