From Dolan Madoc, Archery Marshal of the Lonely Tower:

We have approval to utilize the range and pavilion on the 30th of August (Sunday). The address is 9000 Pawnee Rd and the location of the range and pavilion is about a quarter mile north off Pawnee, the gate will be open so you may drive your car down the dirt road instead of leaving it out on Pawnee. I imagine a potluck lunch is in order. I will be there by 12 Noon, tournament time is as yet unscheduled. This should be posted in the Banner and if I were not leaving for Pennsic in 12 hours I would get the appropriate permissions and make up an event announcement. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

For more information on the Archery Championship Revel, click here.

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From Cristina l’Ambeler, Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister:

Greetings from the A&S corner! As a reminder, we are having a largesse day at my home on 19 July, from 10-2. Our primary project will be scroll cases…however, with Pennsic fast approaching, perhaps some Calontir falcon tabards are in order as well? These aren’t just for fighters, they identify to any and all what kingdom we represent. To that end…if you would bring 8×11 minimum sized cardboard, bits of yellow/gold cotton fabric, purple sewing and/or embroidery thread, perhaps we can create a few things for the kingdom. I have 9 yards of purple broadcloth…1 yd makes three scroll cases or 1 tabard. Bring your own projects or bits to help with others!

For more information, see the Largesse Day event page.