From Giulia, Baroness of the Lonely Tower:


Due to various circumstances the tournament did not happen at revel, so we have rescheduled the tourney for next Tuesday’s gathering.

Please feel free to dress in your best on Tuesday, June 30th, and enjoy the lovely display of skill from our Cut & Thrust community and the selection of the second baronial Cut & Thrust champion.

A short court will follow the tourney.  Award recommendations are gratefully accepted.  If someone is doing something cool please let me know.

For more information on the Populace Gathering, see the Populace Gathering page.  To submit award recommendations, 3JhTUNfDyYaS/BeoScFmzVMmiJVT2N1E2JjTsIRy5bJWAFWpxb0HjRUvZJZTBNVBEY8mJF2y5b/2d5ol8cu32MKlZNQD3Bzsqb32p5YlJbnHwlp0qbZ3Ldzltcvi75svGcum5chlbMhjZIglqMP0AVXjdbV27590gYrWBN40SIRHMRioMZxSLBMCOYZXBJlvnbrmNVvz1c0yPU8zNQ2yzUryuRQmfEJlJM80MU==.