All updates regarding Coronation 2015 can be found here.

From Aethelwine Aethelredson:

The time approaches to thank Their Majesties Anton and Isabeau for Their service as Crown of Calontir, and celebrate as Their Royal Highnesses Xerxis and BelAnna take Their places as the 64th King and Queen of the falcon lands.

Coronation will be held in The Barony of The Lonely Tower.  Come join us as we hold our version of a Roman circus, complete with wild tigers imported from the best menageries the Kingdom has to offer.

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From Saito Takauji, Baronial Seneschal:

At this time we do not have a marshal for the Cut and Thrust tournament tomorrow, due to sickness and other issues. Unless we can arrange one, we will not be having the tournament tomorrow. We will STILL have revel tomorrow, the tournament will be rescheduled for another time.

If you have questions regarding Revel or the Cut and Thrust tournament, BJsTZNGDWYQSnB1ojcnmPVZmTJWTBNFEfJmToIPyIb+WaFEp8bJHoRFvJJ8TFNTBHcp2WVmuGZdX2NEjma+G/FAsiJlTWQ3wXbUGU93uKZRWdxh5ydJG69N3wZnXEIDuUba3vJBngJhT1IByhJ1TZN3FSYx2b9MuMdRGBFjj2d/C5BB0aa3GxUcg9cO2cVKuNZ7X5NejNa4GoFes+J3T+NID6J1T4JKG2YASeUhzWRJQ.

Tonight’s Populace Gathering has been canceled due to weather.

If you were expecting to meet with Roise to collect your rattan order, please eJHTeNfDBYHS8BQo3cDmzVCmmJ/TJNfEQJhTBI/yjbSWsFCpdbxHmRIvIJBTONoBkcCmu9hpOcX23UNlBNRDNBbj/bB3egjuIbqmUV+0XJ6T+Ixy0J/ToNSF/YF2c9uuNdVGPFljWd6CcBSogZGXeIJgec5HTJMpvd7m+Fb0XZKWqxV5wJwTZNnDcJMTuJXGXYVStUez7RmQ.

From Dolan, Baronial Archery Marshal:

Cold, range is a pool of mud, so practice will be at the Golden Arrows indoor site. $5 fee for the evening, this will be your last chance to help Kezia complete her birthday challenge! See you tonight, we should be there a little before 7 PM.

The Golden Arrows Indoor Site is located at 11212 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE:

For more information, see the Archery Practice page.

All updates regarding Coronation 2015 can be found here.

From Lady Anne von Weingarten, Kingdom Chronicler and Coronation Event Steward:

For coronation I am still in need of….

  • Merchant Coordinator
  • Servers
  • Clean up help

If anyone needs a space for meetings or anything else I have to have that info no later than June 1st.

If you are able to assist in any of these areas, iJqT5N4DfYGSbBeoucsmlV7mFJVTXN1ESJkTqIvyWb6W5FWplb3HwRxvKJ2TlNvBAYYWh54uQLZn6ddpQbXmydOlScyncQglJN8DnBRn1bqW4FVpEbICh5Jjgb62d0XlbMvjSIMlcMZ0cVVlUbCWbFjpxbzCBBbM1YQWGRq5KIPELFXuXbGm6UUgadkm29vujIvFEdVlpaIWA5jnzYmX+JZ0rZPW+4ulSMV0QMwltMekXZah4JRTUNdF.  For more information on Coronation, see the Coronation event page.

From Astrid:

Greetings All,

Before the Business Meeting this coming Monday, you are invited to Sandwiches Before Work.

I will be at the Hall about 6pm. I will have some wheat & white bread, peanut butter and grape & strawberry jelly to make sandwiches with. Or, you are invited to bring whatever you want. Bring your own drink.

This is just for the fun of it. Hope to see you there!

For more information on the business meeting, click here.

From Roise:

The Barony needs at least six people to work troll at Lilies War.  We have three shifts on Thursday, June 18th:

  • 8:00am-10:00am (2 people needed)
  • 10:00am-12:00pm (3 people needed)
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm (1 person needed)

If you can help out, please /JDTjNlDhY2S7Bborc6miV7m0JjTNNfEZJ7TlIPyibWWBFvp8b9HtRYvmJWTmNQBucRm39DpncV2dURlpNlDGB9jObb3kgKubbImeV80mJ2T2Iyy/JKT9NCFFY12Y94u/dvG/FIjEdIC2BWSVbT2rl3ziZ3S/U+zVQSy4U/yeRAm2EAlhMm0RU==.