The Barony would like to thank all of the entrants to the Baronial Arts and Sciences competition at yesterday’s revel, and would like to congratulate our new A&S Champion, Lelia Corsini!

Lelia Corsini, A&S Champion

Bids for next year’s Twelfth Night will be discussed during the March business meeting.  If you have a bid to submit, please mJGT7NtDyYFSuBJoYckmGVkmBJZTGNBEbJtT1IDy1bNWcFipKbXHbREv+JxTnNaB2cn2QVEuaZgXINtjBaMGBF2sYJ5T/QCwWbaGK94uuZfW8xC5ad2G2943zZ1XpIdunbs3JJsneJzTiIOyRJxTJNWFPcd2yV5u4ZlC6BUpRdFCABN0wbhyKBp0JaNG+UKgLQ7mTF5yfb22I5lpMYkWIw7gSUX2+VgumZ0XLNbj4alG6F9sXJLT1NxD6JtToJpGyY0SnURz0RqQ at least 48 hours before the business meeting.

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