In May through November of 1992, The Banner featured a series of quizzes designed to test the reader’s knowledge of different aspects of the SCA.  Though the answers were never printed, readers submitted their answers to the chronicler, and a prize was awarded to the person who answered the most questions correctly.

These are the questions from the first installment, printed in the May 1992 edition of The Banner.  How many can you answer?

  1. Which officer is the legal representative of a group within the SCA?
  2. Name the three major levels of rule within the SCA?
  3. What level of award entitles one to use the title Master, Mistress, or Sir?
  4. What is the principal duty of the Chancellor of the Exchequer?
  5. When is “my liege” properly used?
  6. True/false: A viscount is a person who has served as king more than three times.
  7. Identify the office that the following badges represent:
    1. Harp
    2. Swords
    3. Teardrop

The following excerpt comes from the December 1993 edition of The Banner:


Ly. Tamarra Neizvyestnyja of Archangel, OGS, OT, OLM

The following historical bits come from The Lame Owl, January, A.S. XIV.  This was, as far as I know, the group’s first regular newsletter.  Lonely Tower’s first chronicler was Hobbs Drake.

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This week’s Populace Gathering and Archery Practice will be held outdoors.

The Populace Gathering will be held at Elmwood Park starting at 6:30pm.  Please see the Populace Gathering page for the address and directions.  Please remember to bring something to sit on and a blanket or jacket, as it may get a little cold.

Archery Practice will be held Golden Arrows Archery Range.  Please see the Archery Practice page for the address and directions.

Due to inclement weather, Paddock Road Elementary will be closed tonight.  As this is our site for our weekly Populace Gatherings, this week’s Populace Gathering will be cancelled as well.

The following content was submitted by Kezia von Holzenhaus for inclusion in the February 2016 edition of The Banner.

This winter the archers of Lonely Tower are participating in two Knowne World shoots.  The first is the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge, which began on December 1st, 2015, and continues until February 29th, 2016.  The Winter Season shoot is called the Yin/Yang Shoot, and uses a standard forty centimeter five-color target, which has been marked to divide it into a Yin portion and a Yang portion.  It is shot at 20 yards, the distance of most indoor ranges.  There are four ends (or rounds) shot.  For the first end, the archer has six arrows, and must shoot the Yin side of the target. Arrows which fall into the Yang side count as negative points.  The second end reverses this, and the archer shoots the Yang side, with the Yin side counting negative.  The last two ends repeat this, but the archer is only given thirty seconds to shoot as many arrows as they can.  It is a quick and easy shoot to run, and the target is commercially available and not hard to modify.  So far, five of Lonely Tower’s archers have shot this challenge.  Master Dolan, with his crossbow, has a top score of 69, and currently stands second overall (Daffyd of Emmet from the Outlands is first with a score of 70).  Lord Michael de Lundie has a score of 55 with crossbow, and is tenth Society wide.  Baroness Kezia has a score of 27 in the period handbow division, while Owain the Younger scored 20 and Lady Eden has a score of 16 in the open handbow division. Read More →