From Saito Takauji, Baronial Seneschal:

Attention Lonely Tower. As of this time we do not have a site for Twelfth Night 2016, which will be held 1/2/2016. We have a hard deadline we’ve set to have a site and a bid: July Officer Meeting. If we do not have a site and event bid by the July 2015 meeting, we will not be having a Twelfth Night next year.

I don’t want that. None of us want that. So if you know of a site, call them—and oJjT8NjDAY/SFB+ozc7muVLmxJlTQNAEPJXTlIGySbBWXF4pQbBH0RuvLJkTiN7BPY0myF8ynbQ2H5glVcO3nMdlbNnDNB7sUbH2a57lIbFHvlK0kb63zdtlecLiQ5yvrcHmdcKlRMe0ZJTzNZZWL5klrch2/NTosYhWpwulkNkDdBRsFbX225alMbIHblS01bz3cd1l2csik5rv3cxmxcUlqMdjtIHlRMc0yVAsvZuXIQkglSsGPVdyDIfEvV/4SYQ2eVTstbyG+VAuaYh3YkHgjY0Wv52kRINE/kUgMab2I5AvedzyyUZzDQHyJUGygR5mqEflUMf0kU==. We have people who can run it if we have a place. We are looking in the $1000 range for the cost of the site, but can go up a little more—and a security deposit over that is also ok, since we will get that back.

Let’s put our heads together and make this happen.

From Nesscia:

On Sunday, May 17th I will be talking about and rendering beef fat (suet) into tallow. Then at later dates, we will use the tallow to make candles and soap. If you are interested in the processes used to render fat, Email me and I’ll give you directions.

More information on this event is available here.

From Cristina l’Ambeler, Baronial Arts & Sciences Minister:

Nesscia and I will be having sewing class focused toward our newcomers May 30th, 2015, from 10:00am-2:00pm at my house. I will teach geometric tunic construction and Nesscia will be offering sewing machine lessons. So bring your machines and a few yards of your favourite fabric and we’ll send you home with something spiff to wear! /JuTANxDDYOSQBzotcgmyV7mzJHTGNMEOJgTvIoyRbLWaFpplbrHSRXvFJHT/NvBkYzSs17z3buWXlhuZadXtNB0MZUX9IslTNgD+BTs6bv2m5zlIbxHmlg0nbJ3od4lLcRiD5ovYcRmacgl7M9jNIgl6Mt0mVsFebAWbFVplbICcB/tlZQSYUCzAQpy+UnyIRomOEkljMB0AU== for the address if you need it.

More information on this event is available here.

From Lady Anne von Weingarten, Kingdom Chronicler and Coronation Event Steward:

Unto the Baronial Populace, Greetings!

As our fellow pilgrims return from War in the Southern regions and our fighters ready their arms to fight for the Glory of the Crown, the Barony stands ready to host the newest Heirs to the Falcon Throne in their Coronation in our fair lands come this summer.

We have secured a site filled with light, plenty of space (and parking!) for this wondrous event, and now we are in need of volunteers from the populace who wish to make this Coronation memorable.

Even if you have just dabbled in the running of an event, or are not sure what part you can play do not let this discourage you. All are welcomed. Many hands make light work, as they say.

The list below is positions that I am in need of having filled. If you can’t be the main go-to person, you are still welcomed to volunteer! There are many posts that will be needed at this event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, either drop me an e-mail at 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 or stop and talk to me at either the Baronial Gatherings on Tuesday or any event we might both be at between now and Coronation. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions anyone might have.

July 2015 Coronation Staff:
Event Steward: Anne
Feast Steward: HE Gwen A’Brook
Hall Steward:
Server Coordinator:
Gate: Michelle
Site Clean-Up:

Post Revel Site:

To Crown and Kingdom,

For more information, see the Coronation page.

From Astrid:

Folks are invited down to our place this weekend to put up their tents to air out and/or see what needs to be done. This invite is just from Hubby & I and not an official doings for any specific group, so any tent can be set up.

The yard is still a mess and some places are sloped. Please don’t bring any dogs as there is no fencing & we live on a busy street.

Our address is 6816 Hwy 75, Murray, NE. The address is about 10 miles south on Hwy 75 past Plattsmouth. No reservations are needed. You can start setting up after 9am.

Safe journeys everyone!

The Barony would like to thank all of the entrants to the Baronial Arts and Sciences competition at yesterday’s revel, and would like to congratulate our new A&S Champion, Lelia Corsini!

Lelia Corsini, A&S Champion

Bids for next year’s Twelfth Night will be discussed during the March business meeting.  If you have a bid to submit, please yJMTmNPDwYXSAB0oYcGmhV8m3JLTgN+E3JYTzIxy5b9WFF0pDb5HYRMvdJLTANQBHcH2LVfujZ9X4N2jSaXGPFKspJ9T2Qawsb4Gx9auOZRWuxi5pdtGh9F3HZBXOIpuubJ3GJYnoJETZIDysJ8TXNYFpcx2dVSuqZdCdBepgdlC+B00Rbfy2By0tanG2Udg4QamyFdyebP2O5np0YTWYwsguUn2mVhuhZjXYNKjUa9G7FbsLJFTDN9DHJNTUJiGyYvSgU1zuRwQ at least 48 hours before the business meeting.