Due to inclement weather, Paddock Road Elementary will be closed tonight.  As this is our site for our weekly Populace Gatherings, this week’s Populace Gathering will be cancelled as well.

Saito Takauji will be stepping down as Lonely Tower’s Seneschal in March, as he will be stepping up to the Kingdom office as Gold Falcon.

If you would like to be considered for the position of Seneschal, please send your letter of intent to both 6JVTYNtD2YPSCB3oIcNmlVBmxJVT2NCEiJeTKIUySbkWiFQp5biH8RHvzJlT/N8BdcS2XVUuHZLX3NzjKa0GtFgsfJsTqQhw7bJG99LutZoWPxi5DdiGK9a3/ZuXXIFubbS3rJTn5JNTHI+ykJSTrNSFyVZW7pvpxJ2TdNNDBJ9TaJQGEYzS3ULzmRtQ and QJETUN0DpYWSDBho0cWmhVnm0JbTANnElJMToILyXbQWnFBpqb4HxR/vAJVTHNsBiYdmIFVyKbt2k59lTcf3FM7lfNKD5BhsIbK2N5Hl+bBHflY0rb/3OdSlYcIiZ5zvRcAmyc9lTM2jcIZloMF0iV7CbYpXbJuvzbmmeVNzOcgyBBYHVaTXCVrsJa2WDEwl6Mt0OMxl+MtkuZYhiJ7TiNIF.  Letters are due by the February 15th business meeting.

From Isibél Inghean Dáire, Chronicler of the Lonely Tower:

Greetings from your new Chronicler! I hope everyone had a great time at Twelfth Night and left with lots of wonderful memories of the day.

Did any of you happen to catch some of them on film? Because I’m desperate for pictures! I would love for you to share your photos with me and the rest of the Barony in the next issue of The Banner. I’m also looking for articles, recipes, poems, songs, stories, art… just about anything and everything, large or small, related to Twelfth Night or the SCA in general.

Please, please, please help me out. Together we can make the next issue of The Banner spectacular, not only for ourselves, but also for new people. Something we can show them and say “Hey, look at all the great stuff we did last month! Come join us and you can be part of it!”

Questions, suggestions and contributions may be sent to 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.  You can also talk to me on Facebook or in person at the next Populace Gathering.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

– Isibél

From Thora, Twelfth Night Crash Space Coordinator:

We have a young lady and child that needs crash space for both Friday and Saturday night.  They can bring an air mattress and bedding.  We just need a space for them.

Please 0JYTtNuDmYySEBFogchmVVjm8JTTGNvErJIT9INygbSWfF5pDbeHGRnvsJVTXNkB9YK2YFntuePW3xXssaTWUEol7NYDUBXnrbIWWFOpRbkCI5Djzb+240Ol4MgjcIIlcM20gVBsDZ7XhQsgkblWxUsgsak2O5KvOdHyRU/zxQ/y2U0ykR7m5EllhMB0KU== so that I can let her know.

The Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship Revel will be held on Sunday, February 21st, at the Millard Branch Library, starting at noon.  See the event page for more information.

The theme of the championship, as decided by the current champion, Lelia Corsini, is as follows:

Above The Law

This competition is centered around sumptuary laws. Most cultures had laws about who could wear what, who could write what, or what was reserved for different stations. This competition is about breaking those laws!

Entrants are asked to create an item (in any category, including poetry or songs) that would break the sumptuary laws of some place and culture within the SCA period — whether their own persona’s or someone else’s. In addition to the entry itself, brief documentation regarding why this breaks a sumptuary law and what the punishment would be is also required.

If you have any questions regarding the championship, KJSTnN2D2YMSQBeo4cZm2VammJHTeNpEOJlToI0yubIW+FdpabEHNRyvVJkTYN/BZbsGZVysKaoWqNkvccTnjN6pCbem7kTlENDDvBJnUbpWKFwptbCCQ56jTbL210VleMNjyIflXMM0VV+j7b/2F5A0BYiWmNJ0IIDEQxjl0btGvlohEIsEcN/v7cdnZNMp7bVmlk5lTMz0QMqlRMUkZZph3JXTVNXF.

From Cearr Mac Brendan, Knights Marshal of the Lonely Tower:

Hey all,

I will be Marshal-in-charge of heavy fighting at 12th night and was hoping to get a few extra volunteers for marshaling so that we all might be able to get in some fighting too. Cullum Hanson will be helping with inspections and the Novice tourney, but we could use an extra marshal first thing if anyone is available who is good at being on site as early as things are starting.

The Combat Social Club runs itself pretty well, but we will have 2 fields and the more folks who can take a shift the better. Thanks.

For more information on Twelfth Night, click here.

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The Barony will be presenting largesse at Coronation. If you would like to contribute, please MJGT5NQD0YMSHBHoBcNmhVYmSJrTdNYEmJbTeIRyFbKW+FNpHbtHXRUvJJJTwN0B0YymdF/yEbX2x53lUcb3SM1l/NnD6BqsMb+2L5/lqbwH+lF0ubj3mdClqcii/5ivCcImOcmlRMijBIjljMs0kVbjRbv2q5o07Y4W+NU0yIVEShBlgcniYBfFRenGoNelYbbG4xilybZmcNR5uJkTyNYDzJKTwJFG5YDSjUzzRRIQ.